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    Hi Good Morning to All,

    I am currently using a Canon EOS300 film camera and I am thinking of getting a 3rd party flash with various functions. Can anyone suggest a few which are cheap and reliable? I currently have a MTEZ flash which starts giving me problems only after my first use. Terrible. I do not want to travel to Boon Lay every few weeks for repair. ARGH....

    Would appreciate if anyone could give me some tips on a purchase of a flash.

    Thank you very much.

    Have day!


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    dont need to buy 3rd party flash lah, a good old 430ez (bought 2nd hand for $100) or the top end 540ez (bought it 2nd hand for $200) . will work best on on your eos 300. these are the top 2 model from speedlite ez series and they are meant for canon eos camera using ttl system.

    eos 300 uses ttl, not ettl. but if you think u will be upgrading to a camera that uses ettl, then i recommand speedlite 420ex ($250), 550ex($500), 580ex (top 3 model in ex series 580ex being the just release model) or sigma super 500dg ($250). Pls note the prices stated here are for used eqpt. you can check it out in b&s section.
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    The EOS 300 does use E-TTL (not E-TTL II though). I would suggest getting a 2nd hand 420EX for less than $250 if you don't need the power/advanced functions of the 550EX or Sigma 500DG Super (I have one).

    But you're really low on budget, getting the EZ series won't hurt (it will work on A-TTL mode, a slightly backward flash algorithm compared to E-TTL), but it is not future-proof since it's a discontinued model. One thing is that it won't work on a Canon DSLR.

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    Get a 420EX, used or brand new. It's worth every cent of it and the built is far superior (IMO) and more durable than the Sigma ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdamGoi
    Get a 420EX, used or brand new. It's worth every cent of it and the built is far superior (IMO) and more durable than the Sigma ones.
    Hee hee...*psssst* let you in a secret: the Sigma flash is for cheapos like me who wants 70% of the 550EX functions but can't afford the dough...

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    I'm not sure about canon, but on my Minolta Dynax 5, using a Metz 32 with its minolta shoe, shooting people/stuff I get hotspots with direct flash. Reliability wise, I've had it a year plus, use it on rangefinders and digi cams, no issues.

    With an original minolta flash (mid range, not top of the line) this is very subtle. In fact now I dun bother shooting with a bounce card. Bottom line, er, original brand flash best?


    PS: This experience is on neg and slide film.


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