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Thread: Shooting bands in bars/clubs

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    Default Shooting bands in bars/clubs

    Anybody have suggestions for shooting music bands in dark bars?

    I'm used to shooting sports, and a friend asked I shoot his group playing next week.

    I'm using a Nikon D100 with a 28-105 lens (I also have a 300mm fixed, but that won't do me any good). For my ususal sports events, I shoot on "program" at between 400-1250 depending on lighting.

    For this low-light situation, should I use/not use flash, what ISO, and should I manually set all the f/stop and such?

    I'm not a professional photog by trade (graphic designer) but I've learned a good bit in the OTJ method.

    Thanks for any input!


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    Default Try this to get some inspiration ....

    Welcome to Clubsnap, Jason ! Noticed that this is your first post

    If you want to pick up some tips, you have to learn from 'OEYVIND'( CS nick ). He has never failed to bring in good shots for stage/ pub photography. Try this thread :

    He usually uses flash for fill-in. M Mode all the way with aperture wide open. Of cos, he has some mean gear Avoid using flash if possible as it often spoils the mood and ambience. High ISO is a MUST...but you must watch your NOISE level. Study his gallery may be able to find some useful settings - provided they are available. Personally, I have learnt a fair bit from him. If you find some relevant pics, you may wanna find out from him what was his settings like. I can tell now that he will tell you that there is no foolproof settings as you often have to assess the lighting conditions and adjust your settings accordingly

    Happy viewing and shooting !

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    use the dim lighting to work to your can be creative with motion blur deliberately with slow shutter speeds. not every shot has to be pin sharp to be considered a good shot.

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    AhV: The WOMAD SG 2004 pix were not strobed, as no strobe was allowed. I did strobe during SFF concert but again as fill only not main light src.


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