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Thread: Where is your favourite shooting place?

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    Default Where is your favourite shooting place?

    Where is the one place that you go so often that you are not tired of? For me, it is Botanical Gardens. It is a place that is filled with many different activities especially on Sunday morning. You see people practising taiji, playing with wooden balls strings (dunno wat do you called that ), dancing, praying, reading, drawing, picnics, children playing, taking wedding photos, insects resting and many more. As I walked through, I feel very peaceful there and learn to appreciate family ties more. Unfortunately, there are many areas there under renovation now till end of the year. So how about you?

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    i just went there today..nice place.. if ur going again PM me....

    miss all the butter flies today , gona shoot again some day..
    Take both its legs down first, then cuts its tail, next is shoot between its eyes:devil:


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