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Thread: Impossible project films.

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    Default Impossible project films.

    Would like to know if you guys know of places that sell impossible project films ? other than thirtysix & sgcamerastore .

    And any other places that have vintage polaroid that is for sale .

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    Default Re: Impossible project films.

    if you are looking for flim - sgcamerastore is the only one that offers the lowest unless u like to be chop at around $40 plus at other shop

    for vantage sgcamerastore has the most lot of Old Polaroid

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    Default Re: Impossible project films.

    I agree sgcamerastore is the one

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    Default Re: Impossible project films.

    yes sgcamerastore offer the lowest for the impossible flims
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    Default Re: Impossible project films.

    SGcamera polaroid camera is expensive. i brought a onestep camera at 250 . when i found that 37 sell at 125


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