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    Hi, juz anyhow snap using Macro mode. Feel free to comments. BTW, the plant is really light purplish as it seem like lack of nutrient.

    Sorry I have to resize it as it reach 2048x1536 resolution. There may be a colour drop somewhere.

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    comment on the flower pic.
    (1) appears to be reasonably sharp and some parts of the flower are in focus. however lack of DOF or rather, failing to focus 0.5-1.0 cm in front of the main flower means that the pistils (is that the correct term?) are not in focus.

    (2) the background is messy, distracting and unbalanced (eg: look at the leaf of the right jutting into the frame)

    (3) most of the flowers except 1 are pointing away from the camera. Are you photographing (i) the whole plant, (ii) a bunch of flowers, or (iii) a single flower? Decide and compose accordingly.

    (4) the composition is unbalanced in the sense that it is 'bottom heavy' with a flower being chopped off at the bottom.

    (5) the space to the left and right seems superfluous.

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    Thanks for the comments erwinx !!
    Anyway I'm a newbie and need alot of advices from u all.
    BTW, the plant is moving with a light wind blow.


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