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Thread: Exposure Problems, 300D + Sigma 500DG in AV mode

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    Default Exposure Problems, 300D + Sigma 500DG in AV mode

    For some time now, I have this problem with my 300D + sigma 500DG flash. When in AV mode, the camera dosent seem to take the flash into consideration when it meters. As a result, the exposure time when the flash is attached and when I am not using the flash is the same.... Its like the camera ignore my flash when it is in AV mode. other mode such as P and A-DEP works fine with the flash.

    Any clues as to why this happend? is it due to how the different metering modes used by the 300D in different modes?

    Btw, Flash is set to E-TTL mode.


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    that is because 300D set to include ambient lighting by default, the flash more as fill in purpose. if u want to set at higher shuttle speed (eg x-sync), u hv to use the russian hack. or, the other easier way, manual mdoe.

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    thanks for the tip
    played with the pop up flash.. same thing.
    wish the next firmware upgrade will enable all this little features for 300d,
    now that the 10D is being phased out.

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    hiya dude, canon slrs always been this way, A is always on fill-flash.
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