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    Post :: Actual Wedding Day Photographer needed

    As per title, looking for an Actual Wedding day (full day) photographer.

    Preferbly someone with experience. Those without experience may also apply.
    Good for those who're building their portfolio or would like to try out on wedding photography.

    The photographer will also need to know at least:
    - how to take group photos properly
    - Able to capture moments
    - able to handle low light photography (wedding dinner)
    - DSLRs only. Reason being, I would like to minimize the missing of `moments'

    And here are the other terms and conditions:

    - No reimbursements will be given
    Couple will pay for all development fees & CDRs or any other mediums used.
    *There might be a token of appreciation (maybe a small ang pow with some $$$)

    - Pictures taken cannot be posted on the web
    Which means no posting in clubsnap for critics or comments, sggirls, hardwarezone or any other forums.
    You may however publish/print the photos on your personal/commercial website as your portfolio.

    - Chosen photographer will be required to attend a briefing or the wedding rehersal

    You may choose to come either for the briefing or the rehersal. If you wanna come for both, just let me know.
    Basically the briefing day will be for the couple to tell you their `expectations' (of course not high lah, since they're already appreciative that you're able to help out).
    And the Rehersal speaks for itself - might be a good chance for you to try out before the actual day.

    Briefing day: 10th November 2004, 7pm, Yew Mei Green ( Choa Chu Kang north) dinner provided
    Rehersal day: 11th November 2004, 9-10am, Raffles Hotel ( The Lawn)
    Wedding day: 13th November 2004 (whole day)

    Interested parties, please PM me or reply directly to this thread with:
    1) Your Full name
    2) Contact No
    3) Equipment you're using
    4) Portfolio
    - Online version only, please (if no wedding portfolio, at least some people photography)

    Also, I will be there as the photographer too.... but we'll be sharing the workload. Yes, you will be the actual photographer of the day - not a backup

    Thank you all.
    And good luck!
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    Thank you all for your kind and fast replies.

    The post has been taken up

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    No offence please, but only a token of appreciation for a full day hard work + rehersal?

    Good luck to the taker.
    Kind Regards
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    Quote Originally Posted by Virgo
    No offence please, but only a token of appreciation for a full day hard work + rehersal?

    Good luck to the taker.
    i would think its rather good luck to the couple themselves!

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    Hey tsys! Why you never call me?


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    Exploitation, almost like slavery..
    Token sum for own transport (to n fro), no makan at dinner time (see ppl eat n take photo), charging of batteries, wear n tear on equipment/batteries…??

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    Quote Originally Posted by tsystem
    - DSLRs only. Reason being, I would like to minimize the missing of `moments'
    I dun see how using a DSLR can minimize the missing of moments. Care to elaborate?

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    lol, paid jobs don't even have such restrictions, but a freee shoot with so many terms ?

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    Is the wedding couple really so cheapskate?

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    It take 2 hands to clap. Whatever the case, the matter has closed now. If anyone wan to talk abt it, maybe start a tread somewhere else and talk to your own content.

    The tread is closed now.



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