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Thread: Who uses Bluehost Hosting?

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    Hi all,
    I'm considering the above and is wondering how 'SLOW' is it compared to local hosted sites..

    Or is it mostly baseless fear-mongering lol

    If you're hosting your photo sites with Bluehost, can you kindly list them here so I can have a look?
    Of course, I know must consider about local 'better' support, etc but thats not my consideration atm..thks.
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    I have been using for yrs. locally easier to "make noise" and get it rectified. speed is satisfactory for simple hosting.

    Bluehost has great reviews, I did consider it before. Overseas hosting services look to have more competitive specs for the price paid


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    I use bluehost for several sites I helped set up for clients when I used to do web design. So far, no complaints, they're happy.

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    I am using Bluehost and Justhost. Both are equally good. The supports are good - any problems just go the live chat and they will response almost instantly!


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