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Thread: Dry cabinet RH value

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    Default Dry cabinet RH value

    I had my dry cabinet running empty for the past few days and the RH value have been stable at 48. I added some equipment into the cabinet last night and now, the RH level is showing 54 after one day.

    Do I need to adjust to make it lower again?

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    its long as it stays between 50-60 for a normal sized one...

    the cupboard size dry cabinets reading ard 60-65 normal

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    Thanks Witness. So it's ok to go above 55? I thought the standard RH for camera equipment is 45 to 55?

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    Best is to use your equipment very frequently. You don't even have to put it into a dry box. You can put it into a low RH environment and fungus can also grow due to no usage, happened to one of my mini telescopes.


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