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    Have a Aipo EX38 dry cabinet.
    Everytime when the aircon in the room is off, the RH will drop to 38 and take very very very long to revert back to 45.
    Is there anything wrong or is it normal ?

    On the other hand, when the RH is above 45, it will drop to 45 very quickly.

    Any advice ?
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    It is normal. It will take a long time for the humidity to rise due to sealing .

    Not to worry too much about it

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    are u staying in Singapore?
    Becos my dry cabinet..digi cabi works oppsite to yours.. When the aircon is off..the RH actually went up abit..
    so meaning to say.. without aircon 45. once i on aircon it usually goes to 43-42%.

    Anyway to your question.. i guess its alright..nothing long it goes back to the value range u set.. ^^


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