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Thread: any rude experience anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by samuelho
    hi Jon

    If someone stepped on my wife's toe, i would definitely not be happy. Especially if the person who stepped on the toe is not sincere or did not bother to say sorry.

    From the "other" person's perspective, I would say that singaporeans are not the most courteous people i have ever met and i have had a car run over my toe before while crossing the road (true story) and the car just continued driving off, leaving me in the rut. Additionally, there have been times when people shoved me in the mrt and looked as if they were really happy shoving me.....

    Then again, there have been times i stepped on other people's feet and i did bother to say sorry and try to assist the "victim".

    I think the golden rule is "do unto others as they would do unto you"

    best wishes

    definitely. i agree with u whole-heartedly that nobody would want their feet being stepped on or STABBED on. as a humane person, i took the initiative to apologise and was sincere about it. the victim herself was nice about it and smiled back at me....

    now, was that hero's comments really needed? what was he trying to prove?

    these are the Singaporeans who would really tarnish Singapore's stand in the global tourism market as No.1 in many many things... (eg. clean environment, best airport and stuff....) i think out of the many policies our new PM has introduced, he should continue to STRESS ON the courteous campaign. since those rude morons do not have the proper social eqtiquette passed on by their parents, the government should really do something lar.

    i'm still very 'DUI' by the entire thing.... dunnoe whether should laugh or continue to get angry... wah kao eh....lolx lar....

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    Quote Originally Posted by rueyloon
    it as at the sentosa beaufort, I saw the driver, the mom and the kid looks ok, walking on 2 legs, but maybe the husband ?
    talk about bad parentage?

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    That's why I always wear my KING'S Safety Boots when I get off work!!! Pepsi-Kola-123!!!

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    hmm...i guess all this narrow down to each individual's perspective towards those issues. If u mind it, yes u will flare up and act against it. If u are cool headed, just laugh at it... be it the your aggresser or not...

    Nevertheless it's human nature to feel those anger ...

    Life is funny... just flow with it ...

    just my two cents nonsensical .... :P

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    Those ppl whom are bad-tempered are just like you and me - 'they like to be happy as much as we do and they does not wanted to suffer just like u and me too!'
    So when the time when they are rude to you, just offer the victory to them. Why? It is the anger and ignorance that cause them alot of sufferings, this kind of ppl does not even sleep well at night! Be compassion about them as they are blind due to their ignorance.
    Just let it be and move on, I am sure that you will be a much happier person!

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