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Thread: lone tree.. B&W

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    Default lone tree.. B&W

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    pure unedited. using my olympus C3020 to take it.
    the bright spot the center is the Sun.. maybe add special light filter effect like some angel floating down..?

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    nice clouds...but i think cropping might do this pict some good. hmm...but i cant figure out how to crop this pict


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    In the first place, why is it called lone tree? It does not seems to be lonely with other trees besides it?

    And the photo does not portray any of the loneliness mood since it's like sunshine and bright and cheery. Making it a black and white alone is not enough to call this photo "lone tree".

    I also dunno how to crop it as too many other trees besides it.

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    ignore the heading..

    aiyo u all hor..

    comment on pic can liao..
    comment so much on the heading..

    actually I was testing on the photo hosting I signed up..
    title is totally out.

    I like the cloud more.. got time (doubt have), can edit and add
    some sunlight flare for more effect.. lazy lah..


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