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    Default Want to wide-angle zoom

    i will be attending a fren's wedding later this week, and i want to shoot the event with a nikon dslr (d100). my widest lens only goes up to 20, 24mm (just got into DSLR recently) and apparently it won't be wide enough for certain shots. any kind souls willing to lend me his/her wide-angle zoom (preferably in the range of 17-35mm). third party manufacturer lens or consumer range nikkors will do just fine. please help!!

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    I presume you're a guest, so be one, leave the photography to the paid professionals hired.

    Well, in case you're interested, I do have the AF-S 17-35 f/2.8 for sale. PM me if interested.

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    wow...what an OT if i'm rich enough to get an AF-S 17-35mm, i wouldn't be here borrowing, would i? thanks anyway

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    I don't think espn's post is OT ... he's giving you one alternative. Another, I may suggest, is searching through old threads to find people who _rent_ equipment.

    From your number of posts, you haven't been here long, and I'm guessing have not managed to build up personal relationships with people here who are in a position to help ... eg. attend NC and learn their secret handshake, and earn the very much coveted Nikon fez with the golden tassles ...

    A third alternative ... go to 2nd hand shop, buy something affordable, shoot with it, and sell it back to the shop or here on CS.


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