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Thread: Pub Photo Taking

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    If you shoot, don't drink.

    If you drink, don't shoot.

    If you drink and shoot, don't say I didn't warn you!

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    Hi 300N,
    for some fun shots, you can try 2nd curtain sync flash + bounce + speeds of 1/5 or 1/10 sec + appropriate apperture and iso.

    I think is would be nice to capture the pub scene with some movement. 2nd curtain should give a nice streak movement feel and set the subject infront of the blur. The slow speed will also allow some of ambient lighting colors to expose, especially those disco lights. Flash usually kills all of those.

    For apperture, it depends on how much DOF you need. Wider the apperture, the narrower the DOF. I not pro, so i usually just leave my cam on TV, set to 1/60 and ISO 800, let my cam choose the correct Apperture.

    Take note that if you are using bounce flash, there is no hard fast rule. Run some test shots and in some cases, may need to do exposure compensation.

    hope this helps a wee bit. like i mentioned b4, not pro shooter.. just sharing some experience..

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