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Thread: Just bought a Canon PS A75!

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    Default Just bought a Canon PS A75!

    yay! anyway, just wanted to ask you guys for recommendations on what kind of lens adapters and filters/lenses i should buy for this awesome camera, and best if you can tell me where i should get them at the best prices. i've read a lot on the internet about a lens adapter and a simple UV filter being able to "protect" my camera, anyone care to explain?

    Thank you!

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    The lens retract when it is power off. IMHO enjoy the size and shoot more before getting any filters or adapters.

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    hmm, still don't quite get it..

    anyway, i've been using a lot of cameras (especially the A70) before i finally bought myself this A75, so i'm quite familiar with shooting and stuff, it's been 2-3 years of using other ppl's cameras before i finally upgraded from my extinct IXUS V2. Just thought i should get some filters to add on, but i had to come here to check with the pros.

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    A Lens filter adapter (LA-DC52C) is required for mounting the wide converter and filters to the camera. The filter size is 52mm.

    When dismounted, A75 looks like this and the lens adapter looks like this.

    When mounted, they looks like this (without the 50mm lens) (use Sgt. Pepper's setup )

    What are lens filters?
    Lens filters are translucent pieces of glass or plastic placed in front of a camera lens to alter the light entering the camera. Lens filters improve photographs by giving photographers control over light and allowing them to emphasize the features of a scene that they consider most important.

    The most common and cheapest filter is UV filter which many people use it to protect the camera lens.

    Common brand filters
    - HOYA
    - B+W

    You can get it reasonable price at Alan Photo or Cathay Photo.
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    thanks! will check out CP or AP soon. btw, is MSColor recommended? cos there's one within 20 mins walk from my place at amk.


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