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Thread: K-r hotshoe and battery holder

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    Default K-r hotshoe and battery holder

    Looking for purple and gold k-r hotshoe. Toy-r-us still got? Which store?

    Looking for k-r battery holder also. Sgcamera is charging a high price of $25 for one.

    Anyone knows where to get these? Your help is appreciated. Thank you.

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    Default Re: K-r hotshoe and battery holder

    mymonstercamera got all color k-r hotshoe, they charge for 8 SGD per piece,

    cathy photo also have k-r hotshoe, they charge for 20 SGD per piece,

    so I give up buying in the end. a close look at the hotshoe cover, not looking so good any way,

    the k-r holder, I saw the cheapest is 22 SGD, but get one from ebay or China is even cheap, like 10 SGD something
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    Sunnycamera thank u for replying yes I ordering the battery holder online since sg sellers selling it at a premium.

    $8 for a hotshoe with our choice of color I think it's reasonable. Even throu it's worth only $4 but we can't choose the color. It's like buying thing but not 100% wat we wan.


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