Greetings everyone

The college semester has begun again and we carry forth with our weekly Raffles College Photoclub outings. As always, members of clubsnap are welcomed to join our sessions.(newbies included)
This time we are going to start off with an activity that the club has been trying to plan for many months but was always having problems fixing a date.

We will be going for night macro at Lower pierce reservoir for some insect photography.
This place has a wide variety of creatures, spiders, scorpions, caterpillars, plant hoppers etc and are extremely fun to capture through our lenses (don't be afraid. They are very still and generally move only if you touch them). To get a rough idea of what you'll be shooting, visit the link here :

Apart from that, the entire "night macro" experience is quite different than daytime macro.
So those who wish to join, just take a note of the time, date, location and equipment details below.

DATE: 9th July, Saturday

TIME: 8pm-11.30pm.
Those who wish to leave earlier are most welcome to do so.

MEETING PLACE: Casuarina Curry Restaurant
at Casuarina Rd, along Upper Thomson Rd.

By bus :163, 167, 169, 855 and 980.
Drop off at the last stop B23, before Upper Thomson Rd.
By train: Get off at Ang Mo Kio and take the bus numbers mentioned above.
By Cab: Tell the driver Lower Pierce reservoir near Upper Thomson road. Should be enough for him to room.
Might be advisable to use google maps if you don't know the way.

Stuff you absolutely must have!

1. Torchlight. You would think a macro lens is top priority. Nope. Its a torch light. Bring a small powerful torchlight please.
2. Water. You get thirsty very fast, trust me.
3. Macro lens. Or a lens with filter extensions, or reverse mount. Your choice really.

Tripod isn't necessary unless you plan to do some HDR photography of insects.
External flash, if you have, nice. If you don't, your on-camera flash is good enough. It would help if you have a diffuser too.

Personally suggested equipment
(to each their own. This is just my favored choice for those who are curious)

1. 50mm 1.8 prime lens + 2 Raynox filters.
2. On camera flash with D.I.Y. Milk bottle diffuser
3. 100 lumen CREE LED flashlight.

That's about it.
Please take note of my *NEW* number : 9168 8949. You can call me up if you have any questions.

I'll be at the restaurant at 7pm for dinner. Those who wish to meet up, please drop by at 7pm.
For the rest, I'll see you all straight at 8pm for the shoot. Thank you.

- Hershey Desai

Director, Raffles Design Photoclub

"Creating Designs, Shooting Photos since 2009"

Mobile: 91688949
Fanpage: WorldOfHersheyDesai

Those who are participating, please sign up below and/or on our facebook event page here :



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