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Thread: HOW TO: SU-800 Auto Focus Illuminator Feature

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    Question HOW TO: SU-800 Auto Focus Illuminator Feature

    Could someone please tell me how-to enable the autofocus illuminator function on the SU-800?
    I tried pressing the MODE + < Button for 2 seconds and over but it doesn't enable the function. According to the manual, I should be able to see the AF-ILL sign on the commander's screen. But nothing happens when I press the relevant buttons.

    I have it on a D3S with the 24mm 1.4G lens and I tried 9point AF with C, S, M and all 3 metering modes but no joy!

    Thanks for any advise.

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    I figured it out.
    The AF-ILL function cannot be enabled (at least on my SU-800), if the little hidden switch inside the battery compartment is set to close-up (a macro sign) mode. So that little switch needs to be flipped to commander mode and then the MODE plus Left Arrow button must be pressd for a couple of seconds till you see that the AF-ILL sign comes on in the SU-800's screen. The camera must be in Manual mode. Metering and AF point can be at any setting.


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