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    Hey guys,

    I'm Having a problem with printed photos. Photos on screen look really different from the printed photograph. Anybody has any solutions to this? Calibration etc?


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    Manual way:

    Download a colour chart from the internet and print directly

    Use ur eyes and match the colours of the printout to the monitor by adjusting the monitor settings

    Select the printer ICC profile as in photoshop as the colour profile working space. The photo in photoshop will now show the colours that ur printer is able to print

    Auto way:

    Buy a calibrator
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    You printing yourself? If so, you need to calibrate your printer too.

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    Thanks for the replies guys! But usually I'll send it to a photo shop to do the printing for me. How would I know how their ICC works? And the colour chart thing, does it apply to every printer or does the printer ICC matter too?


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    TS: Please do read all the exiting threads here (and sometimes in other parts of the forum). The search function helps.
    The human eye is far from being accurate, they are easily deceived and getting tired quite soon. Using them for manual comparison will not give good results. As mentioned: you need to calibrate the monitor first, then your printer with paper. Tools like Spyder3 Professional can help here. For print shops you must include your ICC profile and advise the shop not to correct anything. Otherwise they will apply some standard auto 'all holiday pictures' auto correction. For special requirements you should not go to the next uncle and his print shop around the corner but a shop specialized in such jobs.


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