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Thread: Fashion Photography Workshop @ Objectifs

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    Default Fashion Photography Workshop @ Objectifs

    there's a Fashion Photography Workshop @ Objectifs by Geoff Ang

    anyone keen?
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    Default keen but...

    It's $650 full price. Think i have to skip although i know Geoff is a who's who in the fashion circle.

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    Intended applicants will be subjected to a selection prior to course commencement. Seems like the object of the course is to provide hands-on training for those aspiring to join the industry as fashion photographers.

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    Default i want to

    ya i want to.. but the price..

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    are you kidding?! geoff ang! go for it
    he's a really great photographer, the price you pay is nothing compared to what you probably can learn from this guy
    and you don't get many chances to use digital backs, to rent one alone costs $%##@$#@


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