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Thread: Nikon - The Big Shot 2.

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    Smile Nikon - The Big Shot 2.

    The Big Shot: Reality TV series about photographers...

    The Big Shot.

    A reality TV series for amateur and semi-professional photographers where we let your photos do the talking

    THE BIG SHOT of Singapore is about the moving stories behind that photography which often at times, when taken well, can speak a thousand words. Our reality tv series is about stories of seven aspiring photographers and their quests to take the BIG SHOT of Singapore.

    Each week, the seven aspiring photographers will do their best to stay in the competition by overcoming the different challenges that await them in each episodic challenge.

    Be it night photography, commercial photography, portraits, architecture, journalism, nature, wedding photography - how will each of them handle their subject matter? How will he or she make it come alive for the beholder's eyes?

    What is their personal motivation behind their passion for photography? Experts in the industry will also give their valuable opinions to enhance our appreciation of this age-old craft of capturing life in a frame.

    There is a story behind every photograph and a passionate photographer behind every story.

    Are you one of them? Recruitment is now open, calling all photography enthusiasts to take YOUR BIG SHOT right away!

    A good photograph has the power to move, excite and inspire, because behind every photograph is a human story, and behind every story is a passionate photographer. We are on the search for passionate photographers who want to have a shot at making a profession in photography. We are looking for THE BIG SHOT of Singapore.
    If you want to get a shot at taking THE BIG SHOT of Singapore, sign up NOW in the first-ever local reality television show specifically designed for amateur and semi-professional photographers. You will be tasked to take photographs across different themes that will test your creative eye, skills and patience in getting the right shot.
    You also stand to win a grand prize of $20,000. To apply, you must be 18 years old and above as of 11 October 2010, and a Singaporean or Permanent Resident.

    Fill up the Application Form now and mail it to

    *Terms and Conditions apply.
    Closing deadline is 6th July 2011.

    Official Website:





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    Default Re: Nikon - The Big Shot 2.

    Some of the detail is wrong and the dateline is wrong too..

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    Smile Nikon - The Big Shot 2.

    1 more day for the closing deadline to register! Better double-up!


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