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CPL is best used when taking landscapes in the day. At sunrises and sunsets, the effect is minimal, and at night it is downright useless.

And CPL works best when the sun is 90 deg perpendicular to the angle of your lens, NOT shooting into the sun or in the direction of the sun. I've mentioned that before but it seems you failed to grasp the idea. This is an easier way to understand. Hold up your thumb like giving a thumbs up motion. Then extend your index finger. Now your hand looks like a "gun" motion. using your index finger point to the where your camera angle is facing. You can turn your hand in any way, but the index finger stays pointed at the direction of your lens. All the angles where the thumb is pointed to will be the angle of the sun, where the CPL will work best. Some CPL comes with a dot or a triangular marking. Just rotate that marker to point towards the sun (like your thumb) and that will be the position where it gives you maximum polarization.
yeah apologies for not grasping what you had said as i had not bought the filter per se. i believe theory trumps practical anytime. the same goes to your methodology, i will proceed to try it to achieve optimal results.

i appreciate the breakdown of steps to make things clear for me. thank you.