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Thread: How to Share Videos on LAN through DLNA?

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    Default How to Share Videos on LAN through DLNA?

    DLNA is magic. But I find not all the videos can be share on the LAN. Why? How do I deal with such problems?

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    that depends on your setup..

    DLNA is of (at least) 2 parts:
    a DLNA server and a DLNA client. A server is the machine (either computer or even some new mobile phones) that hosts the media files and would send them to your client. The client on the other hand (might be a TV or a setup box)- is the consumer of your content, and would "get" the media from the server.

    Each of which must be capable to encode/decode your media. So for example if your server "sends" the content to your client, than your client must know how to "read" the content. Some clients do not have all the possible decoders to "understand" the content that they read so someone - typically the server would do what is called transcoding. In that process the server is changing the content to a stream that the client knows how to read. For example - you may have a server that can send out MP4 files, but your client does not know how to read MP4. The server would then translate the MP4 into a MP3 on the fly, hoping that your client knows how to read a MP3 file instead.

    So this DLNA magic can happen if you got a strong server that does transcoding or if your client is very versatile and can read lots of types of media (or both).
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    There are some media servers that seem to trancode media content for the target player. Not sure if the transcoding is done on the fly, or if it would occupy the space like some kind of video converter software. If it is the later, then a <50 bucks video converter would be the choice.

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    Get more information about DLN,you will find which format video can be shared over DLNA.If you want to solve this problem, what you need is just a software which can reansfer fomats.


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