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    Hi All,

    Has anyone had issue on the SWM after being changed.

    my 17-25mm F2.8 SWM was changed in 2009 and was then kept in dry cabinet but hardly use due to my tight work schedule.

    Recently i took it out but to my surprise the squeaking sound appear during focusing.

    Was advised by the Nikon service centre that i need to change the SWM claiming that the low usage of the lens might have cause the SWM to be spoiled.

    What lao they really pattern more than badminton.

    "when you use it very often they say due to wear and tear"

    "use less often they say b'cos u did not use too often that is why spoiled"

    Would like to know if anyone has the same problem and any other alternative.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Nikon SWM advice

    Electric motor. If not used might cause the grease to distribute non-uniformly and harden. Also a problem if dry cabinet set to very low RH.
    You can try focussing to infinity and then close a few times to see if the squeaking goes off. You might also want to contact "fatigue", who has saved a lot of lenses on CS. If he is busy (which he most likely is), you can try camera hospital.
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    seems like its quite common for the SWM to squeak when its not used for a long time.
    try using it for awhile, and the squeaking might go off, that's what I got while researching on squeaking sounds from SWM some time back.

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    Default Re: Nikon SWM advice

    if squeaking but still working fine, use a while and see how it goes.
    I think it's natural to assume that things left idle for long time (including ppl) tend to have a lot of difficulty moving freely
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    [QUOTE=Zerocool . . . I think it's natural to assume that things left idle for long time (including ppl) tend to have a lot of difficulty moving freely [/QUOTE]

    Second that. Anything left untouch for an extended period will deteriorate. Just like your shoes, if left untouch for a long time, it will break up. Not to mention ppl who stayed glued to TV or monitor the whole time.

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    try covering witht he lens cap and just working the motor(like focus hunting) for a couple of minutes. it should go away after awhile. hopefully it ll go away completely. my 80-200 still squeaks at least once after not using for even one day, but after that its ok liao.
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    No issue one, last time nsc also say may need to change when i brought mine down. i asked for justification and they cant giving a good reply then changed track say mine not so serious so can continue to use as long it works. about 5yr already still working very fine. only the initial sound sounded annoying but after 1 or 2 turn it is gone completely. and if use every 2-3days, the sound may not even present at all. from my past research on the internet, SWM may encounter this issue if left unuse for too long or dry cabi is too dry. hope this help to ease your worry.

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    Thank you all for the advice. really appreciate. luckily did not agree to let them change .



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