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Thread: Where to shoot old buildings?

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    Default Where to shoot old buildings?

    Hi all

    I likes old buildings.....but not those spooky types heheh....anyone know where to find old buildings...always feel that these buildings have very nice architecture and story behind each of them ....I have went to chinatown, ann siang hill,fire station at hill street, fort canning park...

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    ha ha u done it!

    go changi village market area shoot .. nice view there....
    Take both its legs down first, then cuts its tail, next is shoot between its eyes:devil:

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    hmmm...ok mayb can go to log off liao ....thanks...catch up with u again

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    Old hospitals (or rather hospitals which still have some old buildings) like SGH, Tan Tock Seng, Alexandra Hospital.

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    try the yan kit swimming pool area, behind tanjong pagar! nice...


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