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Thread: how to protect your camera in cold country?

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    Default how to protect your camera in cold country?

    will it malfunction ? how to prevent it? thanks.
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    This has been discussed b4, a search in the forum should give u the answers

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    Been discussed. But in summary, no special protection is needed. Just use as per normal. The diff is that there will be some difference in operation time (esp. if you're digital). For film, my guess won't be too affected (eg. I can shoot 50 rolls on my 2 batts for film. In v. cold place, that's down to 20 rolls. Still more than suffice for an amateur on a tour).

    Another thing to take note is to let the camera lens accustom to the coldness whenever you move from warm indoor to cold outdoor and vice versa. This is to let the initial fog-up disperse.


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