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Thread: How to manage/sort your photos?

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    Default How to manage/sort your photos?

    Hi all,

    I've got about 5GB of photos to be transfered to CDs. There are 150 folders in all.

    Basically i've named the individual folders according to the events/themes.

    My question is:

    How do you guys sort and store those pics if you're in my shoes?? Should i sort according to their names, dates..? I was thinking if i store according to their names in alphabetical order, there would be confusion in the future if i name my futures folders starting from 'A' etc..

    If i were to store according to their dates, wouldnt it be very difficult to find my files next time?


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    I name my folder by date first than the event name. Sort it by date.

    So to do a search, I can search by date or event name.

    You can try tagging using keywords like places/events by importing into photoshop album.

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    good suggestion. i shall adopt that.


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