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    Any experienced photographer kind enough to explain the process of a wedding photographer from getting the job, paperwork till post production ?
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    Can you please learn how to use the internet first? You can start with how to use a forum. Hint: We have a "The Photo Biz" section for a reason. Go read the stickies there.

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    Since taking photos of weddings make big bucks (in the minds of some people out there), he was thinking, "Hey, I got a dSLR, why can't I become a wedding photographer too?!?!?"

    Heck, when I started, I was thinking, why can't I be like the next Ansell Adams? Till reality catches up with you ...

    Wish all the best to you, Isaiah, but like what Rahkae said, try researching on your own first ... take baby steps before you plunge and realize that it isn't easy to break into a field that has got many other (amateurs) wanting to do the same thing.

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    @Rashkae sorry boss.

    @dingaroo thanks alot

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    You also need to consider... you are basically asking businessmen who learned all this on their own to give you all their knowledge and teach you how to become their competition.

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    gota point.


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