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Thread: Getting the right aperture and exposure

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    Default Getting the right aperture and exposure

    Hi All,

    May I know when shooting portraits outdoor, how should I meter the subject so that I correctly expose the photo? I'm also wondering if anyone can tell me how can I capture the glare from the morning sun in the background of my subject, e.g. what type of lens and setting best for capturing sun glare?

    And for portrait, I'm shooting with 132mm f2 with canon 5D MKII. Just want to know if anyone of you are using 132mm and at what aperture you think is best for shooting a group of 3 person or more.

    Hope to hear some advice.


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    If your subject is backlit (e.g. sun is behind the subject), your camera may underexpose the subject so you can try dialing up your exposure compensation, or you could try using 'spot' metering and use AE-lock with a reading from a mid-tone subject. Another alternative is to use fill-flash. Not sure about your morning sun glare (or flare) question, but you will have good chance of getting flare if you shoot in the direction of the sun without a lens hood and/or with a lousy lens. As to your last question, I would probably use F4-5.6.

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    1. Spot metering will be useful for correct exposure of subject. However, your background/foreground my not be exposed properly.
    2. For such situation, meter for the sky and fill flash to light up your subject.

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    Is it possible in this scenario to stack images or must it be sooc? Just asking.
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    Default Re: Getting the right aperture and exposure

    Not to be rude but how about taking a couple of hours for a test shoot to try out settings & sun direction etc etc. Learn from practical lessons and trial & error.

    It's a very nice camera you have, take it out and let people admire it more often.

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    Default Re: Getting the right aperture and exposure

    I also believe your lens is a 135mm f2 and not 132 f2.
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    Wow nice cam.

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    i recommend the 85mm 1.8 for portraits lens and the best aperture for me is f8.
    and for sun glare shoot try high aperture low shutter and iso 100 just try it use tripod also and shutter release cord or remote shutter.

    the the advantage of your live view in your cam so you already know what will be our outcome...

    update us here for your photos
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