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Thread: HERONWATCH 2004, September 18-19 (You are needed!)

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    Default HERONWATCH 2004, September 18-19 (You are needed!)


    Your help is needed in conducting a nation-wide HeronWatch on Sep 18 and Sep 19.

    During these morning surveys, a group of concerned nature lovers will:
    1) look for positive evidence of herons nesting in any nook and corner of Singapore, and
    2) take census of our heron population, especially the Grey Heron, Purple Heron and Black-crowned Night Heron.

    The main areas we hope to cover are:

    Northern Sector: Khatib Bongsu, Lower Seletar Reservoir/Dm, Sembawang Park, Sungei Simpang grassland, Mandai Zoo.

    Southern Sector: Kent Ridge Park, Marina City Park, Postdown Road, Singapore Botanical Gardens.

    Eastern Sector: Bedok Reservoir, Changi Creek/Village, Lorong Halus, Loyang Canal, Pasir Ris Park/Sungei Api Api/Sungei Tampines, Punggol, Singei Serangoon/Hougang Canal, Tampines Lake, Tanah Merah/NSRCC Country Club, Pulau Ubin.

    Western Sector: Jurong Lake/Chinese Garden/Japanese Garden, Jurong BirdPark, Kranji Reservoir/Dam, Neo Tiew Road/Kranji Marshes/BBC Station, Pandan Reservoir, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Sungei Mandai, Ulu Pandan Canal, West Coast Park.

    The success of a nation-wide census will depend on the number of participants. If you wish to participate or can help to count herons in your neighbourhood, please email Ashley Ng at as soon as possible to let him know your preferred census location and date.

    No prior experience is required. This heron census cum guided watch is easy going and will last only less than 2 hours. We have selected this weekend 18-19 Sep as it is the best time to see herons feeding in the low tide both early in the morning (7.30am) & evening (7pm) on both dates.

    Queries concerning the HeronWatch, sightings and records of herons are also welcome.

    Hesitate NOT. We need YOU!

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    what does a heron looks like?

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    Quote Originally Posted by reachme2003
    what does a heron looks like?
    Its a family of birds. More info here

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    This link has very useful information on various type of herons and egrets in Singapore.

    I have also posted some images of grey heron over here:

    Thanks for the interest.


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    i can remember off hand that the antenna park at jurong camp has loads of herons.. easily 20+ anytime.

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    anyone knows what happened to the heronery that used to be at SBWR?

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    Thanks to all who have participated in the Heron Watch 2004. Your volunteerism at short notice is indeed commendable. I am personally touched (so is Ashley) by your actions and your ever willingness to step forward to help and to support nature conservation. Your volunteerism spirits go to show that we CARE for nature and its continuing well-being.

    Enjoyment from nature photography does not start and end with the outcome of photographic images. It’s about the process of going through it - being a part of nature, watching and listening to nature as it unfolds itself, getting to know more about ourselves in the process, embracing and appreciating lives etc. It is in this light that makes most of us nature lovers first and photographers second. We certainly hope our future generations can continue to enjoy nature in Singapore and perhaps learn a thing or two from nature (some of the great inventions today started with inspirations derived from nature).

    There is more to be done for nature in Singapore. We have close to 4,000,000 people but how many of them actually care for nature? Not many. There are just too few people like us around. This is why creating nature awareness among the general public is important. It is through knowing that people will become interested in nature. It is these interests that will fuel and sustain nature conservation efforts in Singapore for years to come.

    As of today, we have less than 5% of green areas remaining. Let us start to do something for nature now before we live to regret in later years.

    These are some abstracts from the correspondence with Ashley,

    “For the record, we managed to cover 51 sites around our island with 94 volunteers & searching & counting every nooks & corners especially those important sites for heronry & their feeding grounds.”

    “During this weekend survey, we managed to clock about 10 species of "Ardeidae" family - Egrets, Herons, Bitterns and a total count of 1162 birds. A wild estimation
    of 468 Cattle Egret, 313 Grey Heron, 171 Little Egret, 128 Little Heron, 41 Purple Heron & 33 Black-Crowned Night-Heron.”

    "We wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone especially those novice & new friends from Clubsnap & Nature Photography Society (S'pore) for coming forward & volunteer your time during this survey.”



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