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Thread: 1080/60p MTS to iMovie 11 AIC?

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    Default 1080/60p MTS to iMovie 11 AIC?

    I am considering purchasing Panasonic TM900, which offers 3D recording. And the TM700 is available on Amazon with about $170 less than TM900. I am not sure which one to buy yet. However, I notice some posts saying the 1080/60p video is not iMovie compatible. Is it true? Must the AVCHD files be transcoded to AIC for editing in iMovie 11?

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    3D is getting more and more popular, especially for the films. Actually, if you would wait for about 2 years to get all 3D home entertainment, just wait and get TM700 now. It is because that you would get a much better camcorder after 2 years.

    It is stated in the iMovie supported list that the 1080/60p AVCHD video could not be imported. I think both H.264 .mov and AIC .mov would work for iMovie 11. You can have a try on the mts converter.

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    Default Re: 1080/60p MTS to iMovie 11 AIC?

    3D is nice but i am not so sure how editing works on 3D ?

    for 1080/60p, iMovie will not import... have to use an external convertor like CclipWrap but its not free.... actually using the normal HA mode 1080/60i is already damn good quality...
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    Default Re: 1080/60p MTS to iMovie 11 AIC?

    I got the TM900. The files from the cam is MTS cannot be used in iMovie. I used Aunsoft Final Mate to convert it into other formats. But noticed the quality deteriorates as compared when I played directly from TM900 into my TV. Hope there is better advice out here.
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    Thanks for your suggestions.

    I got the Panasonic HDC-TM900.


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