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Thread: C1 RAW converted files lack of contrast?

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    Default C1 RAW converted files lack of contrast?

    I just realized that my 1D pics converted from RAW files are all lack of contrast. This problem is only seen in RAW converted files. I tried some D60 RAW converted by C1, seems same problem but slightly better. On the other hand, jpeg files are ok. Although I am doing a research on this issue, still have no clue why the reason is about. I use C1 supplied "1D portrait" ICC profile, and my monitor is uncalibrated at the moment.

    Any idea? Many thanks!

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    tom ah, you can tweak contrast in c1 before processing into tiff or jpg.

    my tiff from C1 = Capture 1 is very nice.

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    I found why: all because of the stupid Adobe Gamma. I have disabled it. Now looks all right. Anyway, going to calibrate my monitor, it's getting crucial now.


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