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Thread: Anyone going to Bukit Brown today 19/6?

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    Default Anyone going to Bukit Brown today 19/6?

    Wondering if there is anyone going for the unguided tour at Bukit Brown Cemetery by API this Sunday. There will be placards placed at the tombs of famous people, describing their legencies and contribution to the local community as well as our country. It will be a good history lesson for all ages.

    The DIY tour is from 830am to 1130am, happening this sunday and next only.

    For more info, visit

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    Default Re: Anyone going to Bukit Brown today 19/6?

    Yes i will be there. Have fun, but keep safe (watch where you walk/step, uneven ground).
    Do note the mozzies there are quite fierce, don't wear skimpy outfits unless you wanna
    have bite marks all over. Haha Cheers!
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