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Thread: photos taken using Lumix F7 -- world cup fever @ padang

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    Default photos taken using Lumix F7 -- world cup fever @ padang

    all photos are taken using panasonic lumix DMC-F7, more details about the camera can be found here. automatic settings are used to capture this photo. comments are definitely welcomed.

    the korean fans:

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    Default more pics

    i've tried taking night shots using this camera. it seems garbage to me, but i'll post one anyway. i hope to get some advices how to capture a better photo; maybe through exposure compensation or other things. note that i didn't use a tripod to take the picture. i'm not sure if it really matters.

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    Default Re: more pics

    Tripod is a MUST if you are taking nightshot or else 99% of your pic will come out as garbage.
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    the shots with flash also look unacceptably blur. i know that reviews of this camera haven't been that good, but it can't be that bad...


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