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Thread: same camera & setting, diff IQ

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    Default same camera & setting, diff IQ

    Hi just wanna asked some experts out there: I tried a friend Canon s95 and found out the IQ of his cam is blurry.
    So I perform a side-by-side test against with my neighbour s95, both with same setting (AF, WB, ISO, Mode, etc) and shoot same subject with tripod. To my surprised, my neighbour one is very sharp, while my friend one is average sharpness only. Both cam bought around same period of time, len is clean and sharp. Was wondering what could be the cause of it? Is it manufacturing faults? I read also LX5 also had inconsistence IQ amongst its production.

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    it can be a few contributing factors:

    1) your hand shook the camera after pressing the shutter, hence the image is blurry
    2) the focus locked on something else.
    3) no picture, no talk

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    Default Re: same camera & setting, diff IQ

    yes please post the photos here so that we can compare and maybe find out the reason

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    Or one person set their image size to "small". Happens a lot.


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