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Thread: Horseman DigiFlex II -anyone?

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    Default Horseman DigiFlex II -anyone?

    Does anyone have any experience with the Digiflex II?

    Looks very tempting, Nikon and hassy back mounts, looking good!

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    My handling of this particular model is limited to mounting it on the tripod, changing the lens on it, occasionally tripping the shutter for the main photographer. What I know though : good solid body, though a bit hefty and unwieldy than your normal SLR, when mounted with lens and digi-back. i guess they carried the large format mentality over to the digiflex. limited shutter speeds...if you want any slower than 1s, you got to manually time your shutter, or get a separate 'long exposure device'. very good plus point: nikon mount (no auto-focus support). wide range of quality nikkors to choose from, definitely cheaper than using medium or large format lens for equivalent angle of view.

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    very small viewfinder. very hard to focus with its small spilt screen focusing screen. It has a stupid shape that is difficult to handle.

    Absence of a hot shoe. the pc socket always fail me... dunno if it is design flaw.

    I hate it


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