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Thread: Who rents out studio and/or MF digital backs?

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    Default Who rents out studio and/or MF digital backs?

    Hi guys

    I am seeking for studio rentals and/or medium format digital back and camera rentals.

    Kindly pm me your rates and location.

    Thank you all and hope to hear from you soon.


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    Fengshan CC Photographic Club.
    If you are a member, the studio costs $30, students $20.
    Well, the CC is new and nice. Not a bad place.

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    Try the new studio called Syncwerx studio.... big and lotsa equipment at only S$30 / hour, i think dat's what they quoted me when i went to see few days ago... try calling dis guy called Eugene at 98157987 to check for availability.

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    Try ACHT! Studios. The studio provides studio and location shooting support. The studio is 11 x 10m and has a 6m high ceiling. You can rent a Mamiya 645AF with a Phase One digital back and they also provide an assistant for your shoot.

    You can contact Lance at 96865006. The website is

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    I have studio for rent. And friend of mine (may) rent out Sinar digital back. One of the condition is you must use the back inside studio, cannot go outdoor.

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    Thanks guys will keep those names in mind.

    Appreciate it.


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