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Thread: 3 abstract/still life

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    Default 3 abstract/still life

    Hi all! First post! 3 different photos.. harsh comments/critics welcome!


    Thanks for commenting!

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    Only the first photo works for me. Lines are nice and clean. Just crop away the bottom right corner where you see that little tiny light coming thru.

    Photo No.2 - if you want to shoot make sure the lines are horizontal and vertically uniform. The object is falling off to the right side of the frame. So this compo is off. Plus what is that little funny shadow on the left bottom corner or is my monitor again?

    Photo No.3 - The highlight on the top right hand corner is distracting. Also too much reflextion off the surface of the clock if you noticed carefully. Would have preferred if you miss that. Doesn't look focus to me or maybe is my monitor. Compo is slightly tight plus prefer the shallow DOF and focus on one point of the clock, like the brand for example.


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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks for your comments! It's really helpful and I'd work on it.. hopefully I'd get something better the next time!

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    2 and 3 look soft to me. If you're using a kit lens to shoot wide open, its time to BUY more lenses
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    Default lenses!

    hehe.. all i'm using is the standard in camera package stuff.. A95


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