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Thread: Dilemma: Change camera or lens?

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    Quote Originally Posted by daniellcs View Post
    I think for now I will stick to my D40x and check out the price for the recently released 50mm 1.8G. Maybe I'll save for a D5100 or something...
    Good decision. There is nothing wrong with a D40X, mine is still being used and producing good pics even though I have several other bodies. The 35 1.8 will be awesone with the D40X.

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    Skip D5100, it not worth the upgrade. Unless you die die must have swivel screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by george671 View Post
    Not sure what your point is but any one who uses the non motorized body's such as the D40, D5000, D5100, etc needs to manually focus on occasion unless they want to limit their lense selection to "G" glass...The TS indicated he was considering a few D lenses, that will not AF with his particular body... And for the record there is no difference between manually focus on an AF Nikon D lense versus a Nikon non AF lenses...And I'm sure Zeise, Voigtleander, etc whould like to hear your "experience" regarding MF on DX bodies....And the M4/3 folks might also take note about said "experience" since many of them use manual focus as well.....Also what about all the folks using Nikon glass on EOS bodies, Not to mention all the video buffs who cannot autofocus in movie mode as well...
    And yes, it would not hurt to learn a few alternative skills in photography, but I guese for now lets just agree to dissagree. Any way this forum would be pretty boring if we all thought alike now wouldn't it...


    PS. Most of the Nikon bodies, including the D40x have a focus indicator (green dot) that pops in view when properly focused...Here are some MF instructions from Ken Rockwells review... ......
    if you want to be picky, there are 'D' lenses that have focus motors, and hence won't be limiting their lens selection to just 'G' glass. for one.

    If someone prefers to just use autofocus, let them be. No need to be condescending. Its not a must have tool for most genres of photography anyway.

    Aside to OP, good decision I would've done the same.
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    Quote Originally Posted by daineax View Post
    I just experienced the exact same problem with my D40.

    I sold it because I saw that the prices were going down, down down in BnS, the shutter count was increasing with use(duh) and I felt it was time to upgrade to D90 due to better ISO capability and more AF points. Not to mention the ability to live view. And not sure if it's my imagination but when i tried it out, I thought it's easier to focus for certain subjects because D90 has this thing with the center AF zone wider so it's easier to track focus accurately.

    Btw, I sold my D40+kit lens for 370, after a few weeks of reposting, after tenmillionthousand people quoting me 300 for it. (I set original price at 400 for 10/10 set with no user marks) Be prepared for these lowballers and dead buyers if you haven't sold on BnS before.

    From my observations, secondhand D90 is actually decreasing in price as well, as compared to D7000. A lot of people selling off their D90 bodies as they want to upgrade.

    Have you tried out the 50mm 1.8 lens? I personally find the focal length WAY too far away, you wouldn't be able to use it indoors or in tight corners. It wouldn't be an everyday lens for me. I bought the 35mm f1.8 lens for my D40 and I never regretted. Even the 35mm f1.8 lens still gotta stand a bit too far away for taking normal pictures of 2 friends together, let alone the 50mm f1.8. Definitely try out both focal lengths before making a decision, there is a really big difference/I personally cannot live with 50mm f1.8 as everyday lens on crop body. I saw that a few people bought 50mm f1.8 lens from BnS because it was cheap, but ended up selling again due to not being able to get used to the focal length.

    Secondly, the 50mm f1.8 and the 35mm f1.8, I feel there's a good reason why they are priced differently, one is 3 times the price of the other. I never understood "glass makes a difference" or "good glass is more important than body" until I saw it for myself. You are getting what you pay for. I personally feel d40x+35mm f1.8 would be better than d90+50mm f1.8, I mean the obvious part is the focal length, which already makes the decision for me, but then the quality of the image and the build of the lens.. subjective, but after I borrowed 50mm from a friend, I prefer the 35mm 1.8 images over 50mm 1.8 images myself. Best would be to get d90+35mm f1.8g together which was my original decision.

    You're basically fine with the D40x and no problem with the camera body/don't see a need to upgrade, right? Do you see yourself being satisfied with the 35mm f1.8 lens+D40x body in the long term? Anyway, you can always decide whether or not to upgrade your body since 35mm f1.8 can be used on both bodies. 35mm f1.8 on D40x would definitely be able to take great shots indoors if that's what you need.

    Do you have any other needs for lenses or any other lenses that you are thinking of saving up for? Personally, I can happily continue with just d90, 35mm f1.8 and sb-700 for the rest of my camera life, I am not a fan of zoom lens due to my own usage/preferences. I was actually reluctant to part with my D40, but I felt I needed better ISO and more AF points.

    Hey Daineax,

    I find your comments the most helpful so far. Thank you.

    Camera body:
    Basically, I am generally quite happy with my D40x; I get influenced by the maddening rush of consumerism sometimes. I reckon I can make do with my camera body for another 2 years, then maybe get a used D7000 (hopefully, their prices will fall like the D90s are doing now).

    Camera lens:
    I initially decided on the recently released 50mm f1.8G because I thought I may get a better resale value if I sell it later. Based on past comments that the photographer has to stand quite a distance away made me reconsider the 35mm (although it is older & more expensive when new). I like landscape photography, so maybe a 35mm would be more useful too.

    Need the prime lens for indoor shots of an event this weekend. Looks like I may have to get it new, since the 35mm 1.8Gs sell so quickly on BnS. Sigh... decisions, decisions.

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    Default Re: Dilemma: Change camera or lens?

    Hi TS,

    I believe that after all the comments, you might have a firm decision.

    But how about this, if you were to upgrade to D90, there would be no worries for future lens computability, right?

    AFD lens would always be there, newer lens with motor might appear, but if you'd factor the cost. AFD lens might have the upperhand overall.

    Do consider and think about the future, not just the next step only. If you are compensating the lack of motor with G lens, how about the next upgrade?

    Wishing you a smooth transition.

    Ciaos =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by daniellcs View Post
    Looks like I may have to get it new, since the 35mm 1.8Gs sell so quickly on BnS. Sigh... decisions, decisions.
    just sold mine recently. sms flood came in within 5 min of posting it at 8am. was pretty surprised.
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    Hi daniellcs, I'm very glad you found my comments helpful, sometimes I am afraid to comment because I don't wish to provide wrong information or get "shot" haha.

    I think it's a good decision to stick with the D40x and just one prime lens.

    Yeah, my 35mm 1.8G sold quite fast too, thankfully. It really is a good lens, worth the money.

    I suggest that you do not consider lens based on "better resale value" though, because I feel you shouldn't be thinking of when to sell the lens, there will be some loss anyway. Do consider the lens based on which focal length you feel most comfortable with. Actually, I don't think there's a better resale value for the 50mm as compared to the 35mm, resale values change very weirdly sometimes, depending on when you sell it.

    I'm still a huge fan of the 35mm

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    Default Re: Dilemma: Change camera or lens?

    TS, it all depends on whether you'll be or not, in the near future or not, be upgrading to a FX-Body or will most likely to stay in DX-Body cos "Buy-this..Sell-that"...sure will "Lose" some $$$$ right...??

    So if for DX, then 35 & 50 should be more appropriate in lens selections, while FX, then obviously 50 and 85 would be a better bet...

    Thus, have a 'careful-thoughts' before action...hehehe
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    Default Re: Dilemma: Change camera or lens?

    To everyone who commented to this thread:

    Many thanks for your advice.
    I finally bought the 35mm 1.8G for my D40x.
    Been snapping pictures of my baby daughter incessantly...
    In the meantime, will save up for a system upgrade later in the future.


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