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    I have some old photographs which I like to duplicate a softcopy.

    Any recommendations which is a better option

    a. scan the old pictures or

    b. take a picture of the old picture

    and then post process it ?

    Appreciate any recommendation

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    Scanning will be more accurate . Taking picture may affect the picture due to lighting and such .

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    AkemiOgre - Tks for your recommendation.
    My own gut feel is "accuracy" will depend on many factors eg. scaner dpi, color resolution etc.. and as you mention for picture taking, the right exposure etc..
    Seems like both ways still need to do fair amount of post processing with photoshop.
    I do not have a scanner but a camera. Hence if the camera option is not good or worthwhile, then i may as well spend my time exploring option a

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    Generally, scanning produces better results with less effort. Today's inexpensive scanners produce pretty darn good results without too much tweaking.
    I'd only shoot with a cam if the original is too big for the scanner (though I have stitched scanned images together in one case), or if the original is framed and cannot be removed easily or safely.
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    Edwin Francis tks for the additional input


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