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Thread: Anyone in NZ?

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    Default Anyone in NZ?

    Hi, I am not sure where i am supposed to start a new thread in here or anywhere else. If i'm in the wrong place, pls move this to a suitable place, thank you!

    I'm a owner of SLR Sony A100 for about two years now. I'm currently studying abroad in New Zealand now. I have been lurkin' and posted some threads before but cause of my studies that i've placed a first priority on, i've not been coming here for awhile.

    The reason i'm starting a new thread here is i hope to meet Singaporean or foreigners photographers here where i'm residing in here, New Zealand. It would be great to meet up for a cup of coffee/tea or have a photography group at the place i'm living in or wherever you are. So yes, pls do buzz me if you're here in NZ! I'm deaf but that doesn't stop mi from being a avid photographer!

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    I just got back from nz for traveling I must say NZ especially south island is the heaven for photographers! Such a blessings to be studying in such a wonderful place!

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    Oh bump! We just missed each other. I"m sure you have had a fanastic time here during ur time here.

    Where did you go to shoot in NZ? I shot into CC and PN.


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