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  • Good story structure

    33 78.57%
  • Star-studded cast

    8 19.05%
  • Famous and reputable directors, e.g., Steven Spielberg, Jerry Bruckheimer, Martin Scorsese

    9 21.43%
  • Special/Makeup/CG effects

    17 40.48%
  • Genre, e.g., Horror, Drama, Comedy, Suspense, Thriller

    20 47.62%
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Thread: I watch a movie for it's...

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    Default I watch a movie for it's...

    Hey Everyone,
    Just a little poll about people's interest in movies.


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    Well I'd go for story structure. Cos that's what u think about after the movie. Also a gd story structure shows the directors' train of thoughts. No use having star-studded stars if the directors can't think clearly imho. The message gets lost in the act.

    Special effects leh. Er yea they're good. But if they're used for the sake of it, u end up feeling empty after the movie.

    just my 2cents

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    I love movies with original plots, or at least a creative interpretation of a remade plot. I hate hollywood re-hashes and pop-junk box-office fodder.

    to me, the actors/actresses' characterization makes the movie involving, the story makes it meaningful, and the director's eye imparts depth and beauty.
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    I like to see how they set the camera angle, how they set the light & lighting, of course if there is a strong and original story that helps. But a good story with poor camera skill will make me shiver sometimes.

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    story mainly and effects.

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    Brainless movies, for mindless entertainment!

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    First and foremost: for a good story and narrative structure.

    Second comes editing techniques and cinematography.

    I would watch any Scorsese film though!!! Pity he isn't as good as he used to be in the past...that's wat i feel.


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