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    i'm sorry guys, if these are noob questions which can easily be answered by using google or the search function, but i really haven't managed to find answers!

    i am wondering whether to buy yangnuo 465 or 467.

    the difference is that yn-465 has no zoom reflector, but it does have a wide-angle reflector. if i use my tamron 17-50mm with this flash, will i still face vignetting problem? what exactly does the zoom reflector do?

    yn-467, however has an auto zoom reflector, which "helps with a more even coverage across the frame and lower vignetting".

    does this mean yn-467 will be a better choice with my kit lens?
    i like yn-465 because it has i-ttl (something a newbie like me needs now) and it's more powerful than yn-467. just no idea if the zoom reflector is supposed to influence my choice.

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    Check the Mass Sales section.
    Regarding the reflector: it will only work as long as the flash head points straight to the object (similar to pop up flash). Once you point the flash head to ceiling (for bounce flash) or straight up for using flash diffusers all this zoom stuffs is useless and mostly switched off anyway.

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    Thanks Octarine! Your answer helped loads! :)


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