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Thread: 9yo son shot with live rounds in spore

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wai
    recoil? wait till u try larger calibre

    You mean like the 67mm anti-tank sniper rifles my friend plays with?

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    title shld read,
    9yo song shot live rounds.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phildate
    From the way you worded the title, I thought your son had BEEN shot with live rounds! Phew - think the reality is slightly better but don't you think that guns and 9 year olds are a bad mix??? I wouldn't even want my son to have a toy gun let alone go near a real one.
    If we are living in a perfect world, then I would agree with your view. However, the real world today is far from being perfect. It will never be. Shielding them from the harsh realities will only 'protect' them, only temporarily. I am for introducing the realities to young ones progressively as I, as a parent, feel when they can handle it. I admit that, in terms of timing, I may not be right each time. But, to 'shield' them is not an option at all. Boys here will eventually be enlised into NS. Even if there is no NS here, my view on this issue remains status quo.

    What happens to hundreds of dead children and adults in a school in Russia can happen anywhere, including Singapore.

    If I had used '9yo son shot BY live rounds', then it would have been misleading.
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