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    Hi, just want to do a quick survey on the type of batteries you use in your flashguns.. be it Canon, Nikon or 3rd party products.

    Do you prefer using rechargeable batteries or normal alkaline/duracell? If yes, which brand (ie energizer, eneloop, GP, etc...).

    I'm using 4 AA Energizer Rechargeable 2650 mah in my SB600. I'm planning to switch to another brand as these batteries easily die after using them (many factors).


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    Sanyo Eneloop gets my vote. It holds the charge well even after a week.

    What do you shoot mostly ? I'm using flash guns for my outdoor portraiture shoot, so I bought an extra battery pack, to increase my recharge time and power for a longer lasting period of time.
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    family events.

    in my case, when i charge the batteries during night time and use it the following day, it wont even last 2-4 hours. Either my batteries are spoiled (bought a few months back) or the quality is not good.

    I'm also thinking of switching over to eneloop. By the way, what's the mah of your batteries? are you using the overnight charger (charge for 8 hours)?


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    i appreciate this a lot. thanks so much for sharing!


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