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Thread: Church Service

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    hey bro & sis....i happen to pop by...n ya...

    i m a member of CHC..
    n i m in the media ministry of my church and i do videography n photography every week.

    here is some matters tat have risen up. n i like to take it cleared up.

    So Qouted frm Bernard Ong

    Never been to CH and never will. They may be the fastest growing church in Singapore but i doubt all new believers are well follow-up in the faith. Many new believers may believe not out of faith but feelings. Once the'high' feelings subsided, they will go back to the secular world...... sad.

    Quantity is not equal to Quality.

    i do wish to say otherwise...i have been a member of the church for up to 2 yrs...n i have seen n been in through all the media attacks...n also...the change frm a faith church to a mission church.

    as my dear bro..u hav not been to our church n our cell please do not make such remarks that our members r not well followed up in the faith.
    the core of our church is frm its cell grp..we grow and get discipled in the cell grp. it is in the cell grp that we get followed up anyhow make comments if u do not knw the God have said...if u knw the the truth...the truth shall set u free....

    so if u have got any enquires...plze just call the church office...cos it is nvr nice to attack other's church...for we do believe in the same God right...

    and...wat u hav said..the new believers believe out of faith but feeling..if it is like tat..then..the church can nvr grow to a size that it is our church we believe that we make disciples not do hope u get more understanding through this....

    i dun mean to attack u...but just that i feel that there is some things that need to be cleared up.

    there is my church mission statement build a church with a strong spiritual atmosphere of faith and purity, where every member is released into ministry, discipled in the great commandment to obey the great commission.

    so...i do hope some things r cleared up.

    with this....
    n God bless..

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    Move to Kopitiam due to the nature of the thread
    See my Photo Gallery at the Clubsnap

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    Here's an interesting question ... when congregations are shrinking everywhere in the developed world (except the USA), how come the church is growing in Singapore?

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    All Christianity in Singapore is fundamentally flawed anyway, whichever church you go to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeusExMachina
    All Christianity in Singapore is fundamentally flawed anyway, whichever church you go to.
    Just out of curiosity, are u catholic?

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    Sorry people ... the inevitable has happened; before this thread starts to stir even more angry feelings, I have to locked it.

    Let's keep the faith and glorify His name.

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