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    Hi guyz need ur advice or point me to the correct direction.. Cos i dun really noe the term to search for it.Im having a brightness level issue with my photos. In my monitor it looks ok, but when i view it on my iphone or other pc it look underexpose. My monitor is calibrated using spyder. How do i achive photos like in website like those in , for eg website like ebay, chain reaction cycle , their product photo looks fine, as in the exposure is contant when i view it in my iphone my n my pc. But the photos i took looks ok on my pc but not on my iphone ..iphone there a trick to adjusting the brightness of the photos that i took..
    Thank you for reading dis..

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    It is almost certainly an issue with the monitor. Even though it is calibrated you can have an overbright monitor. Tone done the brightness of you monitor and check your photos again
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    check the color profile of your images is RGB or Adobe?
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    Quote Originally Posted by catchlights View Post
    check the color profile of your images is RGB or Adobe?
    And is the profile embedded if it is Adobe? RGB without ICC profile embedded is less critical.

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    thanks for the inputs guys.. tried toning down the brightness it help abit but still inconsistent..thanks for the head up guys i think need to read up on the colour profile kinda lost with adobe n rgb.. normally i dont dare to disturb those things..


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