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Thread: Semakau Landfill island walkabout trip

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    Talking Semakau Landfill island walkabout trip


    I am organizing a trip to one of the few less-seen & less-known island of Singapore.
    It is the Semakau landfill at the south of Singapore. Opened in July 2005, this landfill island has grown into a natural marine life habitat. Hence it is a place of nature lovers or even city dwellers who would want a short escape away from our concrete jungle.

    It is happening on THIS Sunday 5th June 2011. Meet up time is 5am at Sembawang or 6am at Marina South Pier.This is organized for a group of 40. At current, about half is taken up. So I have about 20 slots left.

    It is a very rare trip as the availability of visiting this island is very limited and you will be amazed by the nature of the island. Do a google on Semakau island & you will understand why this trip is not to be missed! PHOTOGRAPHERS are encouraged to see this place.

    Please take note that I AM EARNING NOTHING out of this trip. Just that I hope to share this rare chance around. This trip will cost you $55 inclusive of bus transport (Sembawang to Marine South Pier) & chartered boat to the island and back. No meals will be provided but bringing own food is ok.

    For more details, you can email me direct at or
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    Hi, May I know the timing this ends? its 5am till ..... ?

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    Yeah, could be good to know an approx time to be back?

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    This boat will take us back to mainland Marina South Pier by 1 to 1.30pm
    Pm me your email address if you are interested. I will then send you the full details


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