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Thread: 17-55 f2.8 vs 18-200 lens

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    ill get 17-55 for sure...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AreSs View Post
    Hi guys,

    Im rather new in photography been shooting around for a mth plus to 2. ive done research and read other threads and realised ive got the need for both lens. need advice from u guys here on which lens will be a better one to get first as i do not want to buy both at same time. i shoot alot on landscape and streets which 18 - 200 is the better choice but i shoot alot on low light too which 17 - 55 f2.8 is recommended.

    im a 600D canon user.
    These are 2 different lenses and it is not a straight-forward comparison. There are too many deciding factors. Are we comparing focal lengths, IQ, fast vs slow lens, etc? If we are talking about landscape/street/low light/ good IQ, then the 17-55mm is a no brainer. However, 17-55mm will not offer you the reach, as well as the convenience of a walk-about lens (which may be the reason why you are considering the 18-200mm lens). So we can only advise but you have to decide for yourself.

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