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Thread: Questions on digital printing

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    Default Questions on digital printing

    Can anyone advise?

    1. Can the date embedded in the jpeg be printed - either on the front or the back?

    2. Do most you crop your files before sending them in or do you let the lab crop them for you?

    3. Called Soo Kee - they mentioned that they have a "digital" 4R print (50 cents per print plus $5 handling) - I presume that means that they print the fullsize of your file. Does anyone have any experience on this?

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    with regards to question #3, i've been to soo kee and i just gave them my cd. they asked me if i want the actual image printed or they will crop them before developing.

    will know the results tomorrow.

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    If you opt for the digital size, you will get a 4:3 "square" picture. Its called 4dsc.

    A normal 35mm film is 16:9.


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